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13th June 2024

Designing Stunning Villas for Ultimate Comfort and Elegance

In the realm of luxury villa design, the expertise of Miller & Miller, recognized as one of the best interior designers in Malta, shines bri...


6th June 2024

Maximizing Space in Small Residential Properties

Navigating the challenges of limited living space requires not only creativity but also strategic thinking. This article will guide homeowne...


30th May 2024

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home, choosing the right lighting fixtures is a pivotal decision. This blog ...


23rd May 2024

The Power of Colour Psychology in Interior Design

Welcome to a vibrant journey through the world of colours and their profound impact on interior design. Today, we delve into how Miller & Mi...


16th May 2024

Incorporating Biophilic Design in Residential and Commercial Spaces

Biophilic design is transforming the way we think about our living and working environments, harmonizing nature with modern architecture. At...


9th December 2023

Citizen Dining Table: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Versatility

The Citizen dining table is a piece of essential quality– the kind that when you enter a room it is in, you are welcomed with an immediate...


1st December 2023

Wall Lights: Functional & Fashionable Lighting Solutions

Functional & Fashionable Lighting Solutions Welcome to Functional & Fashionable Lighting Solutions, where we showcase the latest in luminair...


24th November 2023

Unleash the Joy of Shopping – 30% off Across All Categories!

Exciting news for design enthusiasts! We are announcing an exclusive offer that is too good to miss. For only a limited time, enjoy a whoppi...


17th October 2023

Armchair Casablanca

Meet Casablanca, the armchair specifically tailored to adorn any space you move it into. Tom Kelley creates a “comfort zone” with sharp ...


13th October 2023

Foxy chair

There is a particularly engaging effect when must-have furniture that every household needs has its own unique design that sets it apart fro...


12th October 2023

MM-11348 Raffia Pendant

Miller & Miller brings the sea breeze and the comfort of nature to a place of your choice. Being made of natural raffia palm, this pendant i...


6th March 2022

As soft as Marshmallow: Foam Bean Bag ON 60

We are happy to announce the softie collection at Miller & Miller- ON 60. Poufs are designed especially for the ultimate comfort after a har...


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